Safety in work place should be important for everyone. So take care of your own safety starting with your feet. Our vast arange of protective footwear both for men and ladies will answer all your safety needs when it comes to your feet. We have light safety runners which are made of suede leather that gives them stylish, sport shoes look. They’re comfortable to wear, because work can be tiring already without boots that aren’t pleasant to your feet. For ladies we have similar made stylish and comfortable Alter suede shoes. For heavy duty workers we have waterproof leather boots with optional iron toe reinforcements. Those boots are the best option when circumstances demand you to be in places with high level working related hazards. The base for all of our boots is PU, that stands for polyurethane which made them soft to touch resist to temperatures and very durable, double density sole, which crucial attribute is helping you avoiding accidents on slippery and wet surfaces. Our lighter shoes have three dimensional air – mesh lining. It’s biggest advantage is giving your feet possibility to breathe freely. So after long working day you won’t smell sweat from your feet after you take your shoes off. Inside them you can find easy to take out, anatomically shaped insole. You can always replace it with one that is more to your liking. We offer our safety footwear in different sizes and colours. The fast delivery over Ireland and other countries is guaranteed. We accept easy and secure online payment via PayPal service.

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