•  Children Boots
  • Model :Butterfly  / Lined /removable / washable lining
  • These ultra-lightweight wellies are so warm and comfy to wear children will love them!
  • Made from PVC  they have great insulation qualities and combined with the cosy lining help keep feet warm even in very low temperatures.
  • For warmer days and when feet have grown remove the lining for a cooler and bigger fitting boot.
  •  For a more generous fit we recommend choosing a size up
  • Toxic free material
  • The lining can be removed and washed
  • Made in Poland
  • Delicate material on the inside protects sensitive child*s skin and it provides warmth and comfort.
  • Insert fabric is removable and therefore easy to wash on a daily basis even in case of demanding, dried up dirt.
  • The materials that were used to create them don”t include rubber, which can cause unpleasant smell and discomfort.
  • Children’s wellington boots come in variety of colours, sizes and styles.
  • Each of them is specially made to reassure individual character of every young client that is eager to wear exciting, unique and comfortable footwear.
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Color: butterfly

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Dual size

34/35 – 2/2,5 UK


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