Wellington boots are one of the most popular boots in Great Britan and Ireland. They are comfortable, durable and waterproof. It means, that you can wear it everyday, especially when it rains. Our wellies are made from durable rubber. You can choose between green and black rubber. We offer light wellies for men in one of seven versions. Light wellies with collar made from rubber are the best for rainy days and for survival. Because they don”t have fabric outside, they don”t get wet. The wellies have a special socket inside, that breathes and keeps the foot fresh. If you are looking for something for cold days, take wellies universal pro or predator xl. They both are made from durable rubber and have the thermal socket inside. It means, that you can wear it even in very cold days. The “pro” version has special sole, that helps to keep the adhesion between sole and ground. This is the best choice, if you work in slippery conditions. Light wellies Farmer are the best for you if you work in a garden or if you have your own farm. The wellies are durable and easy to take on / off. If you are looking for cheap wellies for work, Agro Filcok will be your best choice. Although it doesn”t have a thermal socket inside, they are really durable and easy to wear. They are dedicated to be used during work inside. We also have additional sockets to our wellies. The most popular sizes are affordable. If you have not found your size, contact us. We will try to provide wellies especially for you.

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