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  • Footwear for women must not only be comfortable. First of all, these shoes should be stylish and moreover fit for every occasion and for every styling. In our store you will find light wellies for ladies that will please every woman. Shoes are available in many different colors and are available in many sizes.
  • You will find us also rubber boots, which, despite the nature of the shoes are very elegant and fit many clothes. They will be a perfect complement to the whole styling, even in wet weather.
    The upcoming autumn provides an excellent opportunity for buying such footwear. Presented boots are light so they can give you the best comfort and make you feel as if you were walking on a delicate cloud. Nowadays, wellies are no longer limited to purely useful footwear – they can also stand for a decoration.
  • The offer also includes shoes with the colors of the flag of Ireland. Shoes have extremely durable sole with a good grip which is made of high quality plastic. Presented footwear is resistant to moisture and dirt. It is very suitable for wearing in the city and outside the city.
  • Light wellies for women are not extremely expensive and will nevertheless serve you for very long years. You can wear these shoes /wellies for a party with your friends in the open air in the woods and by the fire. They will also be useful for the expedition to collect mushrooms in the forest or during stormy weather by the sea.