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Are You searching for wellington boots for Your child but You do not know which type of them choose?

Why do not You check our great offers then? Our ultra light wellies for kids are perfect solution, surely satisfying for everyone. From the outside they are made from EVA – water-reppelent material.

Thanks to it You do not have to worry about soaking of Your kid’s feet. On the inside there is a thermal sock, going all the way to toe, which makes sure that Your little treasure will not get a cold.

Thanks to the fact that sock is removable, You can pull it out easily and wash. There is no problem with washing wellington boots outside too, because the most of smudge You can easily wash with just water. With our wellies Your kid can without any worries jump into puddles, go out during the rain and go through mud.

They are very comfortable, they do not constrict and rub feet of Your child. We did everything in our might to reduce their weight to the point that there is almost no feeling of wearing them. These boots are growing up with children: if they will be too small, you just need to remove the sock to make them 1 size bigger.

Our light wellies for children are available  in many sizes so everyone will surely find appropriate model for their kids. There are also many color versions of our wellington boots, so Your child will definitely find their favorite one. So, if You just made Your decision, we would like to encourage You to purchase these wellies in very good price. Now You can make Your kid happy and let them test their new amazing wellington boots in action.

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